1978, a little girl sits in front of the TV screen watching "Wonder Woman". It's her favorite show. Her Mommy buys her a Wonder Woman cape and lasso so the little girl can play dress up. The little girl takes the cape and drapes it over her head and fastens it under her chin. She then puts the lasso on top like a golden crown. "What are you supposed to be?", asked her Mommy. "I'm a Superhero!", the little girl eagerly replied.
2007, the little girl has grown up, married and had children of her own. She's preparing to go to the market. As she puts her Khimar on her head and fastens it under her chin, her little boy climbs onto her back wrapping his arms around her neck. "Look Mommy! I'm a cape. You're a Superhero!"
Mommy smiles to herself and says, "That's right, honey. I AM a Superhero."
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