Back to the Grind
ASA all. Well as we know, Eid is over and now it's back to the grind of the world. I'm on my blog at 6:30 in the morning instead of reading Qur'an (bad Muslimah, bad!) because this is the only time i can steal away for myself(as i say this my 1yr old is pulling at my wrists). I can tell the Shayateen are back because why didn't i first think to read Qur'an rather than muddle away at this page? So lemme make this quick.
I'm homeschooling my 4yr old son. Now mind you this is no major assignment.
CONFESSION: Ok, yes it is cause i'm painstakingly trying to mold him into a genius. i said, not brain surgery but sometimes challenging, with 1 yr old daughter interruptions and constant "honey can you do this..." phone calls from the hubby at work AND the fact that after everyone is asleep at night I creep from the warmth of our bed to drive to the hospital for my "quality time" visits with my newborn daughter who is still in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). By the way, she's 70 days old now, masha Allah, and doing well.
So i don't get much sleep and am constantly fatigued. So I'm finding that i don't have the passion for homeschooling that I used to have with my now 12 year old son. In fact frankly, I don't wanna do it anymore! When I was teaching in school, i loved to teach. I loved to see their little brains learning. I loved to help shape these beautiful children into intelligent, thinking machines with adorable smiles. And at the end of the day, i loved to see them GO HOME. With homeschooling my child, after the lessons are done for the day, HE DOESN'T LEAVE. I trade one hat for another: Mommy hat off, Teacher hat on. Teacher hat off, Cook hat on. Cook hat off, busboy hat on. Busboy hat off, Maintenance Man hat on ("Who tried to flush this in the toilet?!!!) Maintenance Man hat off, Peace Keeper hat on(son and daughter now fighting over who gets to play with the Buzz Lightyear toy). "To infinity and BEYOND!"(take me with you). Peace Keeper hat off, Entertainer hat on. Entertainer hat off, Nurse hat on (in-house playtime just got out of control and someone bumped something). Nurse hat off, Mommy hat back on again. Mommy hat PLUS Wife hat on, Waitress hat on, Friendly companion hat on, Bedtime Warden hat on....I'm starting to feel like a 9 headed monster (and beginning to act like one too)I think you get the idea.....Uuuuugggggghhhhhhh! Ya'Allah. My mantra: Must patiently persevere, must patiently persevere.....


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