Dizzy Days
Today is one of those busy dizzy days. Just as I attempt to do one thing 5 other seemingly more important issues pop up in my way demanding my immediate attention. So all day long I've been moving thru a spiral of chores and children, phone calls (sitting on hold for what seemed like hours) and knocks at the door. It's now 5 something in the evening and I haven't gotten dressed yet! And the very first task I set out to do, which by the way was most important, didn't get done. And now I'm dizzy, frazzled, haggared, tired, cranky, ugly, stinky, hungry....wow I sound like the 7 dwarfs only I just listed 8. Oh great, now i'm babbling.

Is there spell check on this thing? Because I'm probably mispelling everything over 2 syllables. Anyhoo, just a sprinkle of my day: Woke up at the crack of dawn (literally). So did my kids! Uugggh! By 6 am, I'd cooked two breakfasts, cleaned one poopy diaper, mopped the kitchen floor where my 1 yr old poured her daddy's cup of coffee and reviewed some school work with my son. 8 am, my extra baby came. I watch her weekdays for my friend. And you know what that means? 8:30 another poopy diaper. Meanwhile I'm chasing my 4 yr old around whispering in a loud tone: "SSHHHHHH! " as he jumps from couch to pillow to toy to little sister's head. So little sister cries which causes extra baby to cry which makes me want to cry too. My husband who works swing shift and is trying to sleep comes out, shushes them all one time and the house falls SILENT... GO FIGURE!

Well enough complaining for now. By the way, my 1yr old is crying at me right now for being on the computer in my leisure time (how dare I). I have two words for this day: Early Bedtime.


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