Sure Signs That It Is Time To Potty Train Your Child

1. If your child throws a tantrum in the diaper aisle at the grocery store because you just put the cheaper generic brand diaper in the basket rather than her usual Pampers, count to ten, breathe, and realize it's time to potty train.
2. If one minute after he does #2 in his diaper he begins to follow you around the house with wipes and a clean diaper in hand, folks lets take out the potty.
3. If she tells you "Pee Pee" while standing in a puddle of urine, get a mop and sit her on the potty.
4. If he refuses to sit down because the smelly lump in his diaper would mash against his bottom, introduce him to his new best friend, the potty.
5. If you can't go to the bathroom without an inquisitive "Mommy, you're going pee pee on the potty?", invite her to join you.
6. If your child has taken a fresh diaper from the package and successfully diapered herself, she's not only ready to potty train but teach her how to wipe too because she has skills!
7. If the potty chair is covered with dust and cobwebs but the new tricycle's wheels already have the tread worn down, park that potty on top of that tricycle.
8. If he brings you a coupon for 20% off Huggies, start training him to be an accountant and pay him to go to the potty.
9. If she asks you to please warm the wet wipes before wiping her bottom with them, laugh and then put princess on the potty.
10. If your little darling is too big for the size 6 diapers and you are considering trying Depends Petite!, it's time for therapy....and bring the potty along.


Shunda said...

Hilarious...I am going to send this to a couple of my friends who are debating whether it is time to potty train or not!

UmmLayla said...

ROTFL!!!! Very funny!!! I think I recognise a couple of those;)

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