Will I Ever Change?

My dear fellow Muslims, is it just me or do you too suffer from this issue? We all know that in Islam one must cut one’s nails within every forty days (the hadith is in Sahih Muslim). I’ve always been one to keep my fingernails short to where only a thin line of white is visible at the tips. And with my toenails, I cut them to their minimal length as well. But sometimes I get a bit carried away with the toenails clippers and cut too far below what I like to call the comfort line.
So now I’m walking around with my toes curled back in my shows because each step I take causes the tips of my toes to sorely, hit against my shoes. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t winter and I could wear open-toe shoes in the rain without getting my feet wet. A nice pair of sandals would also do just fine while I wait for the grow-back process to be completed. As you can see the weight of this part of the dilemma changes seasonally.
Now the issue I’d like to take up with my fellow sisters and brothers in Islam is this: As Salat (the prayer). There are several positions one takes during the salat. The first position, standing (qiyam) is A-OK. The second position, bowing (rukoo’) is fine too. I’m still able to have focus (khushoo') on the Mercy and Blessings of Allah. But then when I go into prostration (sajdah), my toes are required to be pointing downward onto the floor. This added pressure on my overly clipped tippy toes is too much. I don’t want to change the position of my feet by laying them flat on the floor with the bottoms up. So instead I tense my legs so that my toes barely touch the floor, therefore not ruining anyone else’s salah by crying out in pain.
This is the plight of my over zealous toenail cutting. Please tell me I’m not alone in this. Will I ever learn to change my clipping ways?


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