A Mommy's Day

My Dear Children,
On most days I'm awakened, much too early to the joyful sound of your persistant little voices demanding to know what's for breakfast. I spend my day wiping noses and butts and in between, cleaning your messes, breaking up your fights, cooking your meals and soothing your bumps and bruises (and that's just the tip of the iceburg). By the end of the evening I've contemplated running away several hundrend times and can think of nothing more satisfying than seeing your adorable little faces asleep in your beds. As I stare at your limp bodies, snug under the blankets, I realise there is no one more annoying that I'd love to spend the rest of my life loving and caring for. You brats ROCK!

Mommy(Slave Lady)
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Syaukatul Karimah Pemburu Negeri Abadi said...

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Anonymous said...

a salamu alaikum sis you have such a nice blog i just found it. its very beautiful and i love who you add the deen it your post. wishing you the best amin.

sis faiza

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