The Circle Of Life...A Mommy's Perspective

There's a hanger haphazardly dangling from the bathroom doorknob. Let's not get into why it's there or who put it there. To reach a conclusion to these mysteries it would take us through a time warp and onto the set of that Abbott & Costello episode, "Who's on First." So to prevent having to converse with my children for more than 2 minute intervals, i take the hanger to my bedroom, throw it on my bed (i should've hanged it in the closet right then of course, but hey, I'm grown and I can do what i want...right?)

Morning continues with a mad rush to the kitchen to make toast with jam for my son who is on his way out the door to Hifzh class(Quranic memorization). He will be leaving his wholesome lunch at home and will complain later that i didn't risk life and limb at 120 miles per hour on the highway in order to catch up with his ride and catapult his khaki-brown, Land's End thermal lunchbox into their sunroof. This is our ritual and it must be done bi-weekly in order for the world's cosmic energy to continue to flow properly.

While in the kitchen i go ahead and decide that all of my children deserve breakfast today in spite of my empty threats from last night to starve them until they shrivel into jerky meat and sell them to a dog food company. You see, "Not Me" spilled milk onto everyone's food while apparently attempting some kind of circus act at the dinner table (his sisters pay him with fries, garlic bread and desserts for his prime-time entertainment).

After the chaos of breakfast, "Mommy, i don't want jelly on mine," "Mommy, she's looking at me when i chew," and my all-time favorite "Mommy, she put a boogie in my juice," I sit down with my cup of coffee and attempt to steal 5 minutes of downtime before the next catastrophe. It's looking good. The girls are now hypnotised by the DVD i put on for them (4 kids ago I'd never have so many DVD diversions/sad attempts at peace and quiet)and my feet are propped up while i take my first sip of hazelnut cof- WHAT?!!! That blasted hanger is now in my 2yr old's hot hands! She must have quietly followed me (this kid will make a great stalker one day) into my room and taken the hanger back out. "Go put it back now," I scream-I mean, I calmly say to her. Realizing that she has closed the door to my bedroom, I know I've lost the battle again. I can tell her until my lips chap to go put it back, but she hasn't learned the twist and push/pull method it takes to open a door yet. So, because I've vowed that the next 5 minutes belong to me and my coffee, i tell her to just hang the stupid thing back on the bathroom door. We've gone full circle...the story of my life.


American Muslima Writer said...

Oh goodness I'm breathless with laughter, gonna send this link to my friend with many kids it'll make her day too...

Love the full circle...!

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