Brazen Burqa Series: The Day After
Yesterday France passed its ban on Islam -- i mean, its ban on the burqa.  For those who still are in the dark as to what the heck a burqa is, its simple piece of material that covers the face of a woman, worn by Muslim women all over the globe.  Now this simple piece of cloth that covers the face is ANYTHING but simple in principle. It is an essential part of a Muslim woman's outer garment (what she wears in public).  For some, it is considered obligatory to wear, and for some it is considered not obligatory but still better if worn than not worn.  All would agree that it is worn for the obedience and pleasure of our Creator, Allah. For a Muslim woman who embraces the burqa, it is a symbol of piety, shyness, feminine empowerment, beauty, self-preservation and respect and compliance to her Lord's request. This simple piece of cloth is for France, a symbol of Islamic defiance to assimilate, i.e. "When in Rome..." Anti-Islamic propagators are torn between making it a symbol of persecution of women and a symbol of a National Security Threat.  They waver between fained empathy for us "poor oppressed Muslim women" who supposedly are being forced to hide our faces behind these crepe "iron curtains" and hostility towards us for not complying with the dress code dictated by amoralistic gangs on fashion runways. 
Well folks, I'm here ta tell ya, I'm wearing my BURQA to please nobody but my Lord and Creator, ALLAH.  Just as NO MAN could have made me wear this, NO MAN can make me take it off.  If you don't like it, then do what i do when i see a woman's tits spilling over her top or the crack of a man's a** as his pants fail to fit properly, BITE IT AND LOOK AWAY. 
Thanks to this personal attack on my wardrobe I've become to some, a BRAZEN BURQA B**** as i defend my stance to all who'll listen.  I've also become inspired to start and promote the BRAZEN BURQA SERIES on my blog. 
In closing I'd like to give a shot out to the World Media and all the Quran burners who by propagating such nonsense have enticed the curiosity of thousands to seek out their own copies of the Quran in order to read what the controversy is all about.  If only 1 of them sees the truth from this and becomes Muslim, the Haters have done a far better job than many of us Muslims in spreading the Word of Allah.  Way ta go Dudes!     


Fits Your Fancy said...

This is so true and you write it clearly and truthfully. This should be printed on fliers and dropped from an airplane all over France. How would they feel if the beret was outlawed.

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