I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself
So I'm reading this book, and the author is describing how she feels when she puts her kid to bed at night.  She so eloquently and accurately painted the scene that repeats for me each night that I just had to share:
"...I turned the light out as I always do and closed the door .  I felt the usual sweeping relief all through my body.  I don't think i can explain to anybody how important it is to me to be able to close that door.  And I punched the air in triumph as I often do...I don't mean to do it. But my arm moves before my brain has time to stop it.  I feel as if I've escaped from prison.  All my dread disappears.  Even the certainty that it will return tomorrow can't stifle my joy.  When [the kids] go to bed, my life and my home are my own again.  And I can be myself, free, doing whatever I want to do without fear, thinking about whatever I want to think about for a few precious hours..."

~The Wrong Mother
by Sophie Hannah


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