Destination South Africa: The Flight
I'm sitting in an Internet cafe in Azaadville, South Africa.  Exactly 3 weeks ago my kids and i moved for my boys to attend school here. I spent 1 month packing all of our "necessary, i just cant live without" belongings.  We had 6 travellers and i intended to take full advantage of the luggage check-in quota.  I got the lucky opportunity to drive the 4hour drive to JFK to catch our flight (cheaper than paying for another 6 tickets from BWI to JFK).  So with 12 check-in bags, 6 carry-ons and 6 "personal carry-ons" we boarded the plane completely fatigued.  We spent the 2 hours prior to the flight repacking in order for them to meet the wight requirements.  \i was sooooo exhausted \i diapered my 2 year old, my 3 year old and even my 5 year old!!!!  There would be NO pee pee emergencies once Mommy settled into her seat....


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