12 May 2011:

It must be my 2 week crazy period (yes, I’m unstable half of each month; I feel it adds an air of adventure to the room). Don’t believe my family would agree with me. I feel like a Rage switch has been turned on and everyone is in danger of my wrath. This morning I took the kids on a walk thru town and did the tourist thing by taking pix and videos of the neighborhood as we walked; daring anyone to try and rob me. See that’s how I know it must be my 2 week crazy because I was welcoming a confrontation (one I most probably would lose). On another note I got some cool shots of the pretty houses in my hood. The kids got some good sunshine and exercise and I found a great shop for girl’s abayas and khimars for all.

Still no prospects on finding a place of our own. But we are as comfortable as we can be in the brother’s home. Zayd was not allowed to attend the Madrassah. They say he’s too young for the Madrassah. You have to be 12 years old and he’s 8. But for his age he’s very focused, Masha’Allah. They know he has already memorized 9juz. So how can he be too young for Hifzh School? So they are deciding his fate and will let us know. But why is it taking sooooo long to decide his fate when they had a meeting over a week ago? O Allah give me patience. O Allah give me patience. O Allah give me patience.

I need to find some Islamic programs for myself. My morale is getting low just cooking and cleaning and making sure everyone else is good. I’m neglecting my own needs. My needs list has already shortened and been edited since we’ve been here and yet I still don’t get any ME time.

To stay positive, I lay at night fantasizing about moving into our own home and decorating it and getting into a routine and making friends and communicating w/ family on a regular basis. Then I make dua’.

Dua’ answered, he’s been accepted into the Madrassah, Alhamdulillah.
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