The Fruit Hook up

"Ring Ring!"

Kiwi: Hellooo?

Banana: Hey girl, how you doin Ki?

Kiwi: Hey B, whatchu up to?

Banana: Nothin much, just thinkin maybe you wanna hook up later?

Kiwi: Aww B, you're so sweet. But I'm too tangy for you. You couldn't handle the tartness.

Banana: What r u sayin? My sweet and your tart would make a great mix girl.

Kiwi: Mmmm idunnooo....maybe...alright i guess-


Kiwi: Oh wait somebody's on my other line

two minutes pass. Banana waits for his answer.

Kiwi: Hello, B? That was Grape.

Banana: Tsss, what'd HE want?

Kiwi: He was askin if I wanted to hook up later, talkin bout he was all juicy for me and-

Banana: What'd you TELL him?

Kiwi: (smiling coyly) I told him I was mixin it up with you later and he got all defensive sayin he was just kidding and that he had too much to do later anyways. I can't stand sour grapes.

Banana: Yeah, Haters!


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