"Can You Spare Some Change?"

SCENE: 1989, Berkeley, California. Telegraph Avenue, two blocks from the UC Berkeley campus. A July morning around 10:30. The sky is overcast with a typical layer of Bay Area morning fog that is predicted to burn away by early afternoon.

MAIN CHARACTER: Goldy Locks, a young man in his early twenties, baby blue eyes are bloodshot. His shoulder length locks are adorned with occasional strands of yarn woven in(how does one lock straight hair?). He's wearing scruffy tattered jeans, 4 sizes too big for his lanky frame and a faded, spliff smoking Bob Marley t-shirt. He smells of Patchouli oil over ashtray. He's leaning against the wall of a record shop, watching people walk by.

A conservative looking woman in her 40's walks by.

"Can you spare some change," Goldy asks.

She ignores him and quickens her pace.

A teenage boy with an irate look on his face passes by.

"Can you spare some change, man?"

The boy shoots him an angry look, sighs with over-exaggeration and keeps stepping.

A man, around 30, dressed "Berkeley Casual" strolls past.

"Dude, can you spare some change? I'm tryin to get some breakfast."

The man stops and hands Goldy $1.62 in change. Goldy counts the change before yelling his thanks to the man who has already crossed the street. The man waves in Goldy's direction without turning back.

A group of high school girls approach. Goldy spots the cutest in the bunch and makes eye contact with her as he speaks.

"Morning ladies. Can you spare a starvin artist some change? I haven't sold my first masterpiece yet."

They cackle in unison and apologize. No change.

A couple of students from the college approach. The two young men are wearing their hangovers as they drag past him.

"Hey man, can you guys spare some change so I can get some weed?"

They look at each other, start laughing until they are reminded of the pain in their heads from partying too much last night. They dig deep into their pockets and collectively donate $7. 59 towards Goldy's next high.
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