Learning to Cope with Change
This is my first day back to the blog in almost half a year. I seem to get into the flow of blogging and then BOOM! Something in my little world changes and I take a 5 to 6 month break.

An update on a post I put out back in June about a missing young woman is that she's back at home and well. She apparently left home on her own accord and was voluntarily staying away, as opposed to all of our fears that we were destined to receive a call to identify the remains of a body dumped in a bush that might be her. We are all so glad she's alive that we want to hug her so tight that she can't breathe...literally.

Ok, now that I've updated you on that, I must admit that I'm not good with change. I get extremely overwhelmed and anxious when the slightest element of my schedule changes unexpectedly. Some people say I'm way too young to be this set in my ways. Well, whatRUgonnaDo? Anyhoo, my explanation for my recent hiatus is the same explanation that I had for my last hiatus from blogland, I had yet, another child. Yes folks, that now puts me at 5 kids, one husband, 2 sets of diapers to change, one child to be driven to and from school daily, 2 heads of hair to style, 4 sets of clothes to prepare, numerous arguments and disputes to resolve, 1 child to homeschool, 1 toddler to chase away from the kitchen trash can every 5 minutes, a truckload of laundry to wash weekly, roughly 2 broken dishes to sweep up per week (my 5 yr old likes to help his Mommy, bless his clumsy heart), and 2 sets of homework to do (mine and my "assistance" with my hubby's).

I've made many changes to my schedule in order to accommodate my ever changing life. I've completely given up on ever having another meal again. I take a bite of this and a bite of that while in motion. This has actually helped me lose the pregnancy weight plus another 10 lbs so far, yay. I've changed the way I approach each task. I no longer procrastinate. There's no time for that. I must tackle each assignment as soon as it rolls in quickly before the next one overlaps it. Or else I will drown in a sea of ignored jobs on my "to do" list. I've changed my study habits. I now read while performing other tasks such as reading while cooking and reading while driving (ok only at long stop lights). The latter still ticks folks off when the light turns green and I take more than a millisecond to go forward.

I could go on with this boring banter on the changes I'm experiencing but I won't be that cruel. I've changed my writing a bit and will try to let the more creative me blossom. So, I guess change can be good. I'm not so set in my ways after all.
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