Going Through The Motions
Today I changed two diapers before I even had a chance to brush my teeth.
I had to change the sheets on my 2 year old's bed because she had an accident on them.
I changed the contents of my son's lunchbox when I noticed he was trying to have an abundance of M&Ms for lunch.
Then I promptly threatened that he'd regret it if he didn't change his attitude.
He changed his attitude.
I changed the filter in the coffee maker that had been decaying in there since the last pot of coffee had been prepared (I'm too ashamed to say how long ago that was).
I picked up my baby and promptly changed her from her "spit up" soaked clothes (gross, yeah I know).
I changed my mind about what to eat for breakfast so many times that I looked at the clock and it was time for dinner.
I changed my status on Facebook 5 times today (i think it's time for "Facebook Addicts Anonymous").
I changed the alarm time on my clock and immediately after, the power went out (darn rainstorms).
I've changed my mind. Blogging everyday is not that easy for me after all. I'm running outta things to say and time in which to say them.
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