Hope Father Knows Best, Because Mother Sure Doesn't
My 7 year old son: Mom, look at my drawing. Can you guess which soccer player is me?

Me: (feigning enthusiasm after being interrupted from my book for the 6th time in 3 minutes) Oh that's great! No, which player is you?

My son: I'm the one wearing...is that purple?

Me: Well, it's actually more of a redish purple, it's called violet.

My son: Noooo, it's purple-NO it's blue...nope it's purple.

Me: (frustrated bcuz he argues EVERYTHING) WhatEVER SON. Nice picture.

My son: (picks up the crayon and reads the color) Oh, it IS violet. You're right.

Me: (wishing this conversation had ended 2 minutes ago) I know.

My son: How do you know so much about stuff?

Me: Bcuz i'm 40 YEARS OLD.

My son: ......No, you're 39.

Me: (OH FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!!!!!) Walk away now, son.


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