Trying to post at least one tidbit per day
Giving myself a few days headstart:

June 15:
Mom: What are you doing?
4yr old Daughter: i'm head bouncing, Mommy!
Mom: Why are u using my stomach as a launching pad?
4yr old: Bcuz your belly is soooo smooshy lyk strawberry jello.
Mom: uh............hmm

June 16:
Costo Cashier (takes my card): Do you have a card?
Me (i know i know i should have my OWN): No Im using my husband's card.
Costco Cashier: I know, i can tell that this is a MAN in the picture.
Me (blood beginning to boil): Ma'am your ability to differentiate btwn genders is NOT at question. Articulate your next sentence to me very carefully please.

June 17:
Is feeln an over-workd, under-appreciatd Mommy day developin...ohjoy

June 18:
I gotta talk to my union rep. I need an "Invisbility Clause" written into my Mommy Contract. I designate Fridays (+1 floating day bi/weekly) to be invisible. These ppl should NOT be able 2c me (NOR TALK 2ME) today. We can put it right in there next2 my "Anger Clause."

See ya tmorrow, Insha Allah


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