A Mother's Dilemma
Husband: The kids said you gave them 2 Popsicles yesterday.  Why did you give the kids 2 Popsicles?
Wife: Well, I gave them one earlier in the day and when they asked again later I was just so warn out I didn't have anymore energy to listen to the fussing and whining.  So I let them have another. I know I shouldn't-
Husband: -That's not right.  You shouldn't just give them anything they ask for. One Popsicle is enough.  Why do they need to have 2? I'm not buying Popsicles so that they can eat them all up in one day.
Wife: I was gonna say that if I had to hear anymore crying, tantrums or even the slightest of opposition,  I would've probably snapped and done something regrettable and we'd be having this conversation via 2 telephones on opposite sides of a Plexiglas window as I awaited a trial date.  But your right, honey. Your $2.00 is much more important than my sanity. Whatever was I thinking?


NiqaabiQueen said...

LOL, i know this scenario all too well. Sometimes it is hard not to give in to the children, esp after those long days, masha'Allah. besides it seems like mines will keep asking me for snacks (even if they've already had some) until i finally says yes to something. The husband didn't quite understand how bad it can get until he began to spend more time with them on the daily basis (no job @ the time). Although he only got a glimpse of what everyday life is for me being at home with the children, that glimpse gave him so much more understanding of how challenging it can be sometimes, masha'Allah. Alhumdullilah for that glimpse though made me feel good in "i told you so" kinda way, LOL.

Anonymous said...

O Allah, boy do i know this story. sometimes i wonder if men have brains or rocks inside of their heads..lol

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lovely blog by the way

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