I Know More Than You
My 7 yr old son is a Hifzh School student (Qur'an Memorization).  He has long surpassed my level of memorization, Masha'Allah.  He sometimes likes to rub this fact in my face as to insinuate that he is more knowledgeable. 

Son:  Mommy, I'm memorizing Surah Ar-Rahman.

Me:  Masha'Allah this is great.

Son:  I've got the first 20 ayat (verses) memorised already.

Me:  Good for you! Keep up the good work.

Son:  Uh huh, I bet I know more of this surah than you do.

Me: (O here we go again) Hmm, I dunno.  I've been reading it enough to have quite a bit of it imprinted on     the brain.

Son:  Oh yeah? (In a disbelieving smirk) How many ayat do you know?

Me: Well, off hand I know the first 3 ayat plus 31 others, so that's 34 ayat altogether.

Son:  (Snorting in disbelief) Ha! 34 ayat? I don't believe you.  Go ahead n recite um.

Me:  Ok:
               (A udhu billahi minash shaitanir rajeem. Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem)
               Ar Rahmaaaan
               Alamal qur'an
               Khalaqal insaaaan...
        I also know:  Fabi ayyi alaaaa i rabikuma tukathibaaaan

Son: But that's only 4 ayat.  You only know 4 ayat!!!! I knew it! I know more than you!

Me:  Well actually that last ayat is repeated 31 times throughout the surah so that makes 34 ayat that I know.

Son: (pausing to ponder this and then flatly says)...You cheated.


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