9 Year Stretch...Marks
Well Dear, by the Mercy of Allah, we've made it 9 WHOLE YEARS.  Together we've experienced love and loss and love again.  We've struggled through the monotony of day to day trials.  We've welcomed 4 beautiful children into our lives, baring your dimpled chin and stubborn disposition and curiously peering through my eyes and speaking with my often too sharp tongue. Our waistlines grew in solidarity during each pregnancy. And i graciously ignored my jealousy when you lost your "baby bump" before i did.  We've comforted each other thru illnesses and encouraged one another with iman. We've learned that when you say "fried egg" you mean "scrambled egg." It's SCRAMBLED- ahem...We've ascertained that when I'm silent for any length of time, its because I'm angry.  We've come to the conclusion that you argue to be funny (which you are not) whereas i argue to make a point.  We've fought and made up more times than i can count via text message.  Yes, we've occasionally allowed Shaitan to distract us from our goals and we've welcomed Allah's guidance to lead us back on track.

I've overlooked your shortcomings and you've forgiven my faults.  I've learned to appreciate your cryptic complements and ignore your direct criticisms. Just as you've grown to accept my constant need for affection and avoid me during my monthly bouts of psychosis.  I'm grateful that we can still smile when we see each other (even if it's forced).  Thank you for never once telling me my butt looks big or mentioning how i look as if i've lost a fight with a wild animal when i wake in the morning.  Thank you for kissing me even when my breath is on hum.  Thanks for keeping the car full of gas and leaving money in the secret compartment that you thought I didn't know about.  Thanks for knowing that you're imperfect and not expecting perfection from me.  Thanks for being the kind of Daddy that the kids are excited to see each day.   Thanks for being the kind of Husband that I'm excited to see each day.  Ya Habibi, you awaken my heart and inspire my deen.

We've both made adjustments and compromises in order to build this life together. And allthough we love and respect each other, I'm humbled to know that we couldn't have made it one single day without the help of Allah.  We put Allah first in our lives and that is what unites us, saves us, guides us and preserves us.  I love you Habibi.  I love you fisabilillah.


Fits Your Fancy said...

This is really touching and you really expresses what marriage is all about perfectly. My love to you both and Happy Anniversary.

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